Hair Acceptance: Natural Hair

About 2 weeks ago I made a video on my channel talking about hair acceptance. I believe that no matter what type of hair you have, you should always learn to accept and embrace the hair that you have. That even if you wear wigs or weaves from time to time, that you should not be ashamed of your hair.

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New Site


Hey you guys and welcome back to my blog! So I know I have not posted anything in a while and I am so sorry about that. Now the main reason why I have not been active on my blog is because I […]

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Monetizing My Blog


As most of you guys may have noticed the layout of my blog looks very different.  For a couple weeks now, the thought of wanting to monetize my blog had barely crossed my mind. Initially because when I started this blog about two […]

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Singer & Rapper: Gonz

gonz wordpress

A native of Philadelphia Gonz is a lyrical genius. From his first live performance back in 2009 at the Silo in Reading, Pa to having worked with major acts such as DMX, Nas, Fat Joe, Fabolous, The Burgeoning, Meek Mills and performing all […]

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Actress & Youtuber: Andrea Lewis

andrea lewis wordpress

Canadian-born actress and singer Andrea Lewis is a very talented young lady.  Best known for her role as Hazel from off the hit tv drama “Degrassi”,  Andrea has come a long way since then.   Besides starring in the Disney movie “Cadet Kelly”,  Nickelodeon’s musical “ […]

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Youtuber: Jay Guo

jay guo wordpress

About 2 years from today, I randomly came across Jay on Youtube while watching other youtubers online. After watching one of his inspirational videos, I instantly became hooked on his channel because of the great advice that he gave in the video.  His videos […]

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Food Hacks


Hey you guys and welcome back to my blog!  So for this post I wanted to share with you guys 4 of my favorite food hacks that are so simple and delicious.  Feel free to share, repost, or reblog if you think any […]

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