New Site


Hey you guys and welcome back to my blog! So I know I have not posted anything in a while and I am so sorry about that. Now the main reason why I have not been active on my blog is because I […]

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Monetizing My Blog


As most of you guys may have noticed the layout of my blog looks very different.  For a couple weeks now, the thought of wanting to monetize my blog had barely crossed my mind. Initially because when I started this blog about two […]

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Actress & Youtuber: Andrea Lewis

andrea lewis wordpress

Canadian-born actress and singer Andrea Lewis is a very talented young lady.  Best known for her role as Hazel from off the hit tv drama “Degrassi”,  Andrea has come a long way since then.   Besides starring in the Disney movie “Cadet Kelly”,  Nickelodeon’s musical “ […]

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Wall Canvas Art


So have you ever wanted to have a picture of actors from your favorite movie or tv show framed into a piece of artwork that you can hang up on your wall?  Earlier today while i was browsing online, i found a company […]

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