25 Random Facts About Me TAG!

25 Random Facts About Me TAG!

Hey you guys so a while back i found out about this tag on youtube and at the time i never decided to do it.  So today I decided that it would be the perfect day to share with you guys some things about me you may not already know. I hope you guys like my facts and if you guys want to do this tag as well let me know so I can see yours too. Have a nice rainy day!

1.) I am 24 years old

2.) My zodiac sign is scorpio

3.) I am the only child

4.)  I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate because it is sweeter

5.) My favorite type of movies to watch is ” Horror” but if i had another choice it would be “Comedy.”

6.) I find bugs disgusitng especially cockroaches

7.) I like to sketch in my free time.

8.) I do not wear make-up

9.) As a kid I was afriad of Black Eyed Peas.

10.) Back in middle school i use to play the flute

11.) I am not too fond of cooking and only do it when i have to. If i do not, then I will starve to death lol

12.) I still live with my mother

13.) My favorite movie about interracial love is “Save the Last Dance”

14.) I had many aspirations and dreams as a kid.  Besides playing the flute I was on a bowling league for 8 years, i went to modeling/acting school, i went to art camp for one summer, and I use to take ice skating lessons.

15.) I am a shy person at first but once i get to know you i am not that shy anymore.

16.) I love meeting new people

17.) My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love Egg Nog.

18.) My favorite dessert is Cherry Cheesecake with Graham cracker crust.

19.) I love to travel

20.) For my 21st birthday i went to Vegas and it was amazing!

21.) Growing up, most of the pets I had we’re cats. Well besides my goldfish and hermit crabs.

22.) I got a chance to hold a rat that was dyed blue before while visiting New York about 3 months back.

23.) As a kid i use to watch shows like Powerpuff girls, Courage the cowardly dog, Power rangers, Pokemon, Digimon,  The Fairly Oddparents,  and etc.

24.) I like to put cream cheese in my mixture when i make brownies

25.) I got a chance to go to a live taping of “Who Wants To be a Millionaire” and suprisingly got a chance to meet the host Cedric the Entertainer.


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Love your blog!
So do you want to follow this blog: THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!


Cool post! 🙂 Lol we have a lot of stuff in common



My favorite is #9! I, personally, have always hated black eyed pes so maybe it all had to do with fear??? Thanks for liking my latest blog post. It’s nice to hear who’s out there.


Thanks for reading my poem. Your comments are welcome. Please keep reading. More in the morning.


hermit crabs?! what do they eat?


Why would someone dye a rat? Thanks for stopping by 🙂


I love your blog! I used to be in an interracial relationship, and it was great.