My Story

At the time I was very unsure of my future. I was a 22 year old college dropout working at a retail job that I did not care for. So not only could I care less for the job, but I had no clue of what I wanted to do with my life. So one day I was talking with a friend, and we started talking about blogging. Next thing you know, they suggested I start my own blog. At the time I never saw myself as a blogger because I enjoyed writing for fun. Plus on top of that, I never guessed that anyone would care too much about what I had to say. 

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So for me, the idea of blogging seemed foreign and pointless to me. Now don’t go wrong it’s not like I had never seen a blog before or found them uninteresting. But I guess just the idea of me starting my own felt skeptical to me in the beginning. So after much convincing, I finally decided to take my friend’s advice and start a blog. And pretty much the rest is history. Now over 3  years later I have been blessed with many ventures.  My writing has allowed me to connect with people from all over the world. It has also been my outlet to express my creativity and inspire others to live out their dreams. I hope that from my story people can understand that is never too late to dream. That even if it takes time to figure out your path in life, never give up no matter what.

On my youtube channel a do a variety of things that consist of lifestyle, story times, rants, natural hair videos, product reviews, vlogs, and more. So come along with me on my youtube journey as I continue to make awesome content. Sell you all on the other side! 

On my podcast “Blogger With A Twist” I talk about a variety of lifestyle topics.  Whether it’s about my journey of becoming a blogger or tips on life I hope by telling my stories it can be an inspiration to others. So feel free to share, comment and even download my episodes so you can listen to me on the go!


Magazines That I Have Worked For In The Past Few Years

A lifestyle magazine based out of Philadelphia.
A fashion magazine based of the West Coast.
A edgy lifestyle magazine based out of the West Coast.