Beauty: Feeling Healthy, Beautiful, and Self-Confident in 6 Easy Steps

Keeping up with beauty standards set by the social media can be really challenging and frustrating. Especially for girls and young women from all over the globe. Simply because these standards are everything, but realistic. So If you find it very hard to live up to the expectations of our society, keep on reading this post.  In this post I will talk about how to look and feel healthy. As well as  beautiful and self-confident in 6 easy steps without any pressure. Enjoy!



1.) Appreciate your beauty no matter what 

Everyone knows that self-confident women are the most beautiful ones, and you’ll learn that once you realize your own self-worth. Appreciating your beauty is the key to success. Knowing the fact that no one is perfect can help you embrace both your good and bad flaws. Which in the long run,can help you bring the best of your flaws. You should also know that keeping up with the current beauty standards is definitely not something you have to do. So give it you’re best not to conform to them and set your own rules. Just love yourself because you’re an amazing person who should be appreciated and loved for what she is!  

2. Embrace healthy eating habits  

One of the best ways to look and feel healthy, is to start from the inside.  People often say that we are what we eat, and in reality there is truth behind it.  Because no matter how silly it may sound,  the truth is harsh.  So a good start is cutting down on processed foods that are rich in unhealthy fats and artificially added sugars.  Instead, opt for foods like fish, chicken breasts, and fresh fruits and veggies. These foods  are high in protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and other highly required nutrients. Your body will be thank you for this major change. 


3. Love yourself and learn not to care what other people think of you  

Another important way to become self-confident is learning not to care what other people think of you, and you know what? People are people and they’ll always have their opinions, no matter what you do. So, be sure you save yourself from unnecessary negativity and don’t even listen to them. If they don’t know you, don’t take it personally – once you figure that out, you’ll learn to love yourself and care about opinions of people who really love you, because they should count the most.


4. Take proper care of your skin 

Skincare is another extremely important part of your health and well-being. When your skin is too dry and itchy, or too sticky and oily, it’s likely that you won’t be happy with your overall look.  So start with a proper skincare routine and you’ll see an instant improvement. First of all, you should determine your skin type and get quality skincare products that suit it best. Women with dry skin should opt for thicker creams with natural ingredients that can nourish their skin, while ladies with oily skin should definitely pick products that won’t make their condition even worse. Facial oils can be a great choice, since these can regulate your skin’s oil production and make it look stunning and luminous. 


5.  Be Physically Active 

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of regular physical activity, but we don’t say that hitting the gym is the only acceptable option. There are many more alternatives you can go for if you don’t have a lot of free time.  For example: like a 15-minute brisk walk every day after work, or a 30-minute cardio workout in the comfort of your own home. Exercising is one of the best ways to lose weight, improve your looks, and feel much better about yourself. So no matter how tired you are after a long day at work, just go for a nice brisk walk, and you’ll instantly feel much better!


6. Make sure your hair gets enough care as well 

Similarly to your skin, your hair also needs extra care. Of course, straight hair routines significantly differ from curly hair routines, and that’s exactly why you should determine precisely what your hair actually needs. Apart from your regular shampoos and conditioners, try using quality hair masks.  Masks not only nourish your tresses to the max, but they provide your hair with some essential nutrients. Hair oils are also a fantastic choice as well, since these can do the job of your styling cream, leave-in conditioner, and frizz serum, all in one.

As you can see, looking and feeling healthy, beautiful, and self-confident has never been easier – all you have to do is to stick to our tips and take these six essential steps in your daily routines. Once done, you’ll see that your road towards success and overall well-being is really close!

Guest post by: Amy Mia Goldsmith

Lifestyle blogger


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Highstreet Beauty

I completely agree that beauty radiates from within. Taking good care of yourself develops inner confidence.


Very nice and motivational! ❤


I recently heard that it is not your business what other people think of you. And you know what? I kind of agree. I love your tips!


Well done with encouragement for all of us who happen to be female. ; )


Great tips 🙂 thanks for sharing


Love these tips! Very helpful lady!

Kimberly Hsieh

Love yourself and not care about what other people think about you is so important!! Loved this post 🙂

Andrea Nicole Laranang

I agree. Self-love and acceptance is the key to confidence and beauty <3


Great tips on loving and looking after yourself! We should all practice these and be confident in ourselves!


I really enjoyed this post. Your confidence, health and beauty are all interrelated, and it does help to care for yourself as much as possible.


These are all great tips and important lessons for us to learn.


This was great! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m always down for some real self-love talk in the face of social media beauty standards. Thanks for keeping it real!


nice tips!


Self-confident itself not enough. We need to take care of health and beauty regime too.

Isaac Tan

really good tips here.. in fact after just reading this, i feel more self confident already!


I just love your post! Especially the part when you say that everybody knows that confident women are the most beautiful ones. I couldn’t agree more. I also think that it’s never been easier to take care of ourselves. So why shouldn’t we?:-)

Erika Ravnsborg

That is awesome! Loving and looking after yourself is the way to go

Rawlins GLAM

Yes girl. Be unique, care not for negativity and love more! That will your beauty will stand out!