Blackpink: New Female K-Pop Group On The Rise

So as most of you guys many not have known, I am an advent K-Pop listener.  About 3 weeks ago,  I came across “Blackpink” on Youtube.   After listening to their song “BOOMBAYAH” I instantly became hooked.   The South Korean group formed by YG Entertainment consists of 4 members.


From left to right: Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Ros’e


The group officially debuted their single album on August 8, 2016 entitled  “Square One”.


Since their debut, the group has gained lots of positive feedback with their success.  They have been able to gain adoring fans from all over the world.  Including me because I can’t wait until they to come to Philly or to the east coast to do a concert. So yes you guys I know this post is short, but I just wanted to share with you all my new love lol.  So in conclusion, hope you all enjoyed this post and definitely feel free to check out this amazing girl group.



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Dina Farmer

Yeah, they are not too bad! I hear “boombayah” on my local KPop station often. 🙂

Bizarre Brunette

I can’t get into K Pop, but I think that’s what makes us all unique. Our different tastes in music and how we can come together and talk about what we love!


Ooh! I can explore them now 😉 I was into J-pop. I’m now into… tadaaa~ Oldies xDDDDD I should get to my asian tastes back soon 😉


Playing with fire has been my jam ever since it came out!


yas my girls Blackpink are killing the game!! But I have to admit that I was a little afraid that YG would literally turn them into a second 2NE1, but with their last two singles they proved this was not the case and that they have their own sound, which is amazing!