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    Lifestyle Blogger: Elle from LaBeaute.org

    Lifestyle blogger “Elle” not only loves to shop but also enjoys being a blogger too. Her blog focuses on a variety of topics that include beauty, fashion, skincare, haircare, self-improvement, travel...

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    Vidcon’s less than famous panel entry for 2018

    A couple of days ago I uploaded my entry for Vidcon's 2018 Less Than Famous Panel in Anaheim, California. As someone who has always wanted to go to vidcon, I was thoroughly excited

  • fall boots fashion long fall boots best fall boots 2017 knee boots brown boots black boots boots for women boots for men shoes for women shoes online

    Fall Boot Haul 2017: Fall Fashion Booties and More

    With fall almost over, I decided to get a few pairs of boots and booties. Since it was my birthday on November 9th, my mother took me out shopping to get some boots and other things.

  • halloween

    Halloween Memories: Trick or Treating As A Kid

    Halloween for most kids is a night full of fun and adventure. But most of all, it is a night of dressing up and gathering as much candy as you can from your neighbors. Which for me was one of…

  • dating

    Dating Drama: What To Do If Your Crush Is Taken?

    When it comes to dating, it can sometimes be a tricky thing.  Especially when you don't know how the other person feels about you because let's face it, rejection is a hard pill to swallow.