Book Signing Event with UK Bradford Author: E. Rachael Hardcastle

In November of 2016, local Bradford author E. Rachael Hardcastle visited Low Ash Primary School in Wrose, Shipley.  During her visit, she was able to deliver a creative writing workshop to the school’s  Year 6 pupils.  At no charge to the school, E. Rachael Hardcastle ran several hours of idea-generating activities tailored to their topic of study.  Including having the children write their own short stories for the workshop.

Later that month after receiving  and compiling the children’s finished short stories, she curated the stories into two independently published books entitled ‘Children of War’.  The books were published, and then delivered to the school’s library.  In which was able to create over 50 young authors in less than eight weeks.

At the end of January 2017,  E. Rachael Hardcastle returned to the school with further copies of the book ‘Children Of War’ for the children to take home.  It wasn’t long before their story was picked up by a local television station called “Made In Leeds”.   The station was so impressed that they interviewed E. Rachael Hardcastle and the children on their television show ” The Lowdown Leeds Show” in February of 2017.

To meet her local readers and aspiring writers, E. Rachael Hardcastle recently contacted Wrose Library, in Wrose, Shipley to arrange a book signing event.  She hopes to encourage the community to visit the library more often as well as meeting the hard-working volunteers that will be attending.  Because reading more is fundamental to enriching the mind with knowledge.

This amazing event will take place on July 1st 2017 between 1100-1430 hours to celebrate both Wrose Carnival and Bradford Literary Festival.  E. Rachael Hardcastle will also be taking along copies of her brand new high fantasy release ‘Finding Pandora’ and her post-apocalyptic novel ‘Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life’.   In order to personalize her latest works and sign for her guests.

Entry to this events will be free of charge. For more information about E. Rachael Hardcastle, her books and her workshops, please visit

So if you are in the London area, feel free to join other authors and bloggers around the world and support your local library!


My top tips for organizing a local indie book signing

Always be polite and helpful – Approach your closest library with a polite email or a welcoming visit.  Tell them who you are, what you do, and what you are all about.  Shake their hand and praise their space. The focus of the event should not be about the author, despite the books that you are going to be signing.  So focus more so on writing your plans and how both parties can benefit by writing a short proposal (approx 1 side of A4).  Include your details and give them time to think it over.   After some time, feel free to send a short follow-up email if you don’t hear back from them within a month.


The next question is: “What can YOU offer THEM”?  How can you help to bring more people back to the library?   Because in some cases,  libraries may only be functioning  on funds raised by volunteers and donations.   So in that case, make it a point to donate one of your books to help. Offer to do a short reading, a meet and greet or writer’s question time. Get some flyers printed and notify local media to increase interest. Your local library will greatly appreciate your efforts.


Try to make an effort to do some volunteering  in your spare time.  If your’e like me and  you have a full time job, spare time may already be filled with writing and family life.  Yet despite that, you can still find time to offer help at any upcoming events. This is an ideal opportunity to network as well as promoting yourself, and your work.  At the sam time, this is also  a great way to help out your venue by drawing more attention to it.  Yet if your help isn’t required and you’re only available one-off day, then try to attend as a guest.  Because making an effort at the end of the day counts.

Be present on their social media and website if they happen to have one.  For example: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and etc.  Make sure to  actively promote the library by re-tweeting their posts and liking their page.  Recommend the library to friends and family who may be advent book readers.  Also using your own online presence is a great way to influence people to to check out the library. Telling people that it is an ideal spot for after-school study, safe internet usage and socializing is a great way to attract more people.

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For more Iinfo on the book signing event check out the info below:

Book Signing Event with Bradford Author E. Rachael Hardcastle.

Date – July 1st 2017

Time – 1100-1430 hours ( in other words 11:00am-2:30pm)

Location – Wrose Library, Wrose Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK, BD181HX


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Jackline Dabankah

Book signings are so exciting! This is great! 🙂

Sincerely Miss J

Alexandra T Armstrong

Great idea to approach a library with ideas of what you can do for them. I looked into having a book signing at a bookstore and their percentage was like 40% of sales. You’d think THEY wrote the book.


I’ve never considered what goes into setting up book signings. And I’m super excited to add another book to my reading list! Thank you!

Victoria Lola

Awwww…this is a great initiative. How can I get the ‘Children of War’ book? I’d so much love to read it. Awesome tips for organizing a local book signing, I needed it. Thanks :*

Claudette Esterine

Yes, I have to agree with the others that it never crossed my mind how much goes into a book signing event. Thanks for this!


This reminded me to take my kids to the library. I use to love going as a child and I have not taken them in a while. We can definitely revive the library it’s much needed.


This kind of meetings seems so interesting! Thanks for the great tips. I’d love to come but I’m not in the UK…


I left a comment but I’m not sure it worked….anyway I said that I love this kind of meeting, it seems so fun and interesting!


congrats on the book, I hope the event goes well.

Gone with a whim

This is such a great idea to make students engage and be creative. I’d definitely support the move and show up for the book-signing if I were in London. 🙂

E. Rachael Hardcastle

Thank you all for your lovely comments. The Children of War books are only for the school at the moment, but I think if you go to their website you can download a PDF version to read? I am so excited for my book signing and if I can assist anyone further with setting up their own, please contact me. I did try to reply to you all individually but I couldn’t get the reply button to work… sorry! 🙂