Buzzfeed Video: Giving Up Bad Spending Habits

Buzzfeed: Giving Up Bad Spending Habits

While surfing through youtube, I came across a video from Buzzfeed.  The video comes from their series called “Ladylike” which is one of my favorites.

Entitled “We Gave Up Our Bad Spending Habits”,  the video was definitely an eye opener.  Especially when it comes to having bad spending habits and not budgeting your money.  As I was watching the video, I could totally relate to what Chantel and Freddie was saying in the video.   Especially Chantel, who mostly spent her money on food becuase she was too lazy to cook.

It made me realize that the money that i spend on food, is not worth it.   That I could be using that same money to save for other things that are more important.  So since then, I have decided to challenge myself with my bad spending habits.  I want to focus more on knowing the difference between your wants and your necessities.  To understand that it is okay to treat yourself sometimes, but not everyday.

So for this week I have been trying to bring more food from home, instead of spending it out on the street. I also have gave myself a spending limit of  only 5 dollars a day or don’t spend any money at all.  The thing is, even though I will never be a huge fan of cooking, I still need to make more time doing it.  Because in order to save money, I need to cut out the things that I can do from home.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how bad you really want it.  Basically how much you are willing to sacrifice in order to invest your money into something that is more important.  Whether it is saving up for your dream vacation, or buying something that you really want, only you can make it happen.  So I hope you all enjoyed this post, and have a nice day everyone!




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oh girl I can relate ?

Sophia Whitham

I spend a fortune on food too! I need to confront the fact that I need to be saving and sadly not having a Chipotle and sandwiches from Pret will dramatically help that haha x

Sophia xx


Food is the only thing I don’t feel bad spending money on, but I do admit our 80 dollar brunches and 60 dollar food truck visits need to happen less frequently, (Los Angeles prices are nuts by the way!) hahah


You are right, it doesn’t boil down to how bad you want it!


I’m also super guilty on spending wayyyyy too much on food. it’s so unnecessary!

Maria DeCotiis

Thanks for sharing that video! I’d rather spend it on clothes than food ?​

Keke Waldon

Can totally relate! I am not cutting back on food. I don’t eat out much but I spend too much money on junk food!


Love this post! It’s hard not to spend money on food though lol.


Wow!! Thanks for sharing this video!! And yup: I can relate to it. Although not with food. I cook every single day (it’s a pain)… But I do spend on stuff I don’t need 🙁 Sigh….


I think about all the times I could have started my business had I not splurged on chipotle and coke. This post is an eye opener! Great read.


My main problems are food and Coca cola. Once I get a handle on that…I can actually save some money! Lol Great read


I went through a phase when we spent WAY too much money on food. We have over the last couple years changed a lot of habits and reigned our spending WAY in!
I hadn’t seen this video previously – Thanks for sharing

Britt |

Bizarre Brunette

I spend a lot on groceries, but I don’t go out to eat all that often actually.

Daisha Renee

Yesss! I spent a ton on eatng out during lunch at work and after work lol before I started working from home. Ever since I cracked down on my budget, I’ve been meal planning like crazy. Good luck girl!

Hey Sharonoox

Food is a necessity but doesn’t have to be expensive. We spent over $100 weekly on grocery alone and eating out at least 2-3 a week.


Spending money on food adds up so quickly!

This is amazing, I needed to read this as I’m such a bad spender. Thanks for sharing.


food is perhaps the highest bill w have in our house thanks for sharing the tips