Center City: A slice of Washington D.C. Pizza

About 2 weeks ago while  roaming down Center City with a friend, I came across a very yummy find. I found this relatively new pizza spot in center city called ” &Pizza”.

Located at 1430 Walnut St in the heart of Philly’s Center City, this is definitely the place to eat.  Since their grand opening on October 13, 2016, the restaurant has successfully gained a lot of popularity and buzz in the area.  The Washingtion D.C. based pizza restaurant is not only stylish, but it gives a new meaning to delicious pizza.

andpizza-og-940          salad-pizza

All of the ingredients are fresh, as well as the dough which is light, thin, airy, and crisp.  I must say that I am a huge fan of thin crust pizza and I was pleasantly surprised.  I love pizza dough that is thin, airy, and has a crunch to it because i am not a huge fan of thick crust pizza .  The crust was so good that I ate every last bite . Besides the heavenly crust, I also enjoyed the fact that I could customize my pizza and make it my own.

My pizza before I devoured it:


My pizza included regular marinara sauce topped with meatball, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, broccoli, and cooked onion to top it off.  So what are you guys waiting for!  If you live in or near Philly, definitely try to get your hands on this delicious pizza.  Trust me you will not be disappointed especially for all of my pizza lovers out their.  So for more information on this delicious place,  make sure to check out their website below.  You will be able to look up their menu online as well as find any locations near your area.  Hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks again for reading.  Have yourself a slice!





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Bizarre Brunette

That pizza looks bomb.


I’m a huge fan of thin crust people, I think I would eat this up!
I need to find a pizza like this in San Francisco!


whoah this looks delicious, I would like to try it. I also like the way you write the post and the style you use. can you please tell me which theme is your blog and which website you are using. thank you.

Nichelle Sharrone

I’m from the metropolitan DC area and love &Pizza! There’s two other chains we have out here called Custom Fuel Pizza & Salads and Blaze Pizza, which are both the bomb and happen to be placed on college campuses! I personally believe those two top &Pizza, so if you can find one or the other, I highly recommend you try it. I know Blaze is national – I know they’re in DC, Baltimore, and Kentucky for sure.


Lol, I feel like I should order pizza now but I have not seen or eat pizza with such toppings you describe here in my city.

Aisha Sylvester

This pizza looks divine and I love the name – very clever! The interior decor is also quite cute!


I think our neighboring city just put a Blaze in. Other than that we are not exactly known for our sexy pizza here in Michigan.


YUM! These pizzas look delicious. I like how the pizza is shaped like a flatbread.


My word, this looks phenomenal. Such a nice looking pizza

This pizza looks incredible!!