Q&A Collab with “Little World Studio”

Q&A Collab with “Little World Studio”

Info: For this fun collaboration, me and Melissa who is the founder, and author behind ” little world studio” decided to ask each other 5 random questions about blogging.  Melissa’s blog is not only creative, but all of her posts tell a story.  I hope you guys enjoy the questions that we came up with for each other and definitely check out her blog too.

Melissa from “Little World Studio”  ( Link to her blog:



Her responses ( Questions I asked Melissa):

1.) As an accomplished storyteller, what would you say inspired or motivated you to start a blog?

There were two reasons why I started little word studio. First, I wanted to have a platform to tell stories, uninhibited by an editor or supervisor, just my own stories in my own words. Second, I wanted to see how my stories would be received. I honestly had no idea they would get such a warm reception when I first started out. It’s been humbling and motivating to know that people actually read the crazy little things I write.

2.) Do you ever find it challenging or difficult to come up with new material?

I know this sounds terrible but at the moment, not really! I feel like I’m in an inspired place where most days I can sit down and churn out a story. I think it comes from this intense hunger I have to better my writing; I’m always thinking of new ways to craft narratives that my awesome readers can digest. Will that constant feeling of inspiration go away? Probably. But right now, I’m finding so much to draw from in everything around me, from the mundane to the magnificent, and somehow my pen is able to catch it and get it down onto the page.

3.) If you could, how would you describe your blog in one sentence?

An online space to create with words.

4.)  What piece of advice would you give to anyone who loves to write stories or whats to become a successful storyteller?

Listen. When you’re waiting for your cup of coffee, pay attention to the dialogue happening around you. When you’re walking on a busy street, search for pieces of interesting conversation or extraordinary characters that you can write about. Storytelling is the art of describing the world through the palette of your own words. Stories, no matter how fantastical, always spring from some kernel of truth. Discover those truths and your story is guaranteed to be a success.

5.) Since you have been blogging and sharing your passion of storytelling what would you say are your biggest accomplishments? And where do you see little word studio in the future?

I’m humbled to work with some pretty big photographers and artists whose work inspires me in every possible way. Also, I’m proud of the stories I wrote that got published! I’ve had several of my tiny tales appear in lifestyle and literary magazines around the world. As for the future of little word studio, I’d say it looks like a whole lot more stories. The future for me? Finishing the manuscript for my book!


My Responses ( Questions Melissa Asked Me)

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1.There are many reasons people start blogs: To learn something new, to voice their opinion, to network with other like-minded individuals, as a way to launch a brand … So, tell me: Why did you start your blog?

When i first started blogging back in February of 2014, i had no clue what i was getting myself into. The funny thing is, my friends we’re actually the ones who convinced me to start a blog. After a couple of months of blogging, i realized how much i liked to blog and ever since then i have continued to keep blogging.

2. When did you decide you wanted to collaborate with other writers? What was the motivation behind this decision?

The motivation behind me wanting to collaborate with different bloggers and writers actually came from looking at other people’s blogs and getting inspired by their creativeness and positive outlook on life. My goal in mind was to create a space that allowed me to showcase everyone’s talent or nitch. I just wanted to create a space where i can share my creativity and be myself.

3. What’s your absolute favorite thing you’ve ever blogged – or vlogged – about?

To be honest that’s kind of a tough question to answer because i have a ton of things that i have blogged and vlogged about.  Recently my favorite thing that i have vlogged about so far is my trip from Miami a couple of weeks back. Omg i had so much fun!   Now blogging on the other hand i would probably say that one of my favorite things that i have ever blogged about so far is my most recent post which showcases some cool DIY’s that are trending this year. Its always fun to be creative and think outside of the box.

4.) What’s in store for the future of your blog? What goal would you like to achieve through the online space you’ve created?

Well in the future i plan for my blog to be more mainstream online. I see people coming to my little space and getting inspired by all of the creativity that is displayed on my blog.  One of my major goals is to be able to connect with more people and possibly gain some friendships or connections. Do more collaborations, guest blogging, and helping other people share their talents or skills.

5. If you had one message of encouragement for an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

If I had one message that i could give an aspiring blogger i would say that never give up on yourself and have patience. The key to blogging is being persistent and finding something that your are passionate about. It may not happen today or tomorrow but with patience, anything is possible.



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Alice Shiya

I loved reading both your responses, it’s so insightful to get a glimpse into why other people decided to blog and their individual challenges! Thanks for sharing this!

xo, alice / T Y P E N U


Nice Q&A, always nice to know other peoples thoughts.