Curly Hair: My Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s

Curly hair for many or most people has its pros and cons.  On one hand curly hair is fun and different, but on the other hand keeping it mositurized can be a battle. As someone who has curly hair, I know all to well about not keeping your hair moisturized. Because as we all know, dry curly hair will not curl up.  Which is why it is essential to keep curly hair in tip-top shape. Yet despite it all, I would not want to have my hair any other way. The beautiful thing about curly hair is the fact that nobody has the same curl pattern or type. We are unique and beautiful in our own way and curls.

Yet with all the good and bad that comes with curly hair, their are some things you need to know.  So below is a list of my top 10 do and don’ts that I have put together for curly hair. I hope you all enjoy and definitely let me know which do or don’t you can relate. Have a nice day everyone, and thanks again for stopping by!


Hair Do’s

1.) Keep your hair moisturized because dry hair does not like to curl up. Pay most attention to the ends since they are the oldest part of your hair.

2.) Try to deep condition your hair at least once a week. Especially in the winter when the air is colder outside.

3.) It is always best to let your hair air dry because it can sometimes lead to frizz when using a blow dryer.

4.) Always prep your hair before you go to sleep. Either retwist your hair at night or do the pineapple method.  After doing the pineapple method, just put on your satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillowcase.

5.)  Keep your ends trimmed. Even if you have curly or textured hair, you still need to say goodbye to those split ends. If you don’t want to do the trim yourself, try to find a stylist that is not scissor happy.


Hair Dont’s

1.) Do not over apply or over saturate your hair with products.  Especially if you have finer strands because heavier products can weigh down your hair.  For example: Shea Butter, Castor Oil, etc.

2.) Never comb or brush your hair especially when it’s dry and your curls are set. Because if you do, you will lose curl definition.

3.)  Try to minimize the amount of heat that you put on your hair.  Sometimes excessive use of blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can lead to heat damage.  If the heat damage is too bad, it may result in irreversible damage.

4.) Never detangle on dry hair.  Detangling on dry hair may lead to single strand knots and breakage.

5.) Last but not least, do not be unrealistic about your hair.  Never be ashamed of your curls and embrace what God gave you.  Because at the end of the day, no two people have the same curl type and pattern.


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Tanya Ince

Thank you! I’ll pass your advice to my husband, who has very curly hair.

Marcella's Mind

This is a great article I have also curly hair and before I always battle with it, but once you get to know how to take care about it everything is much easier. 😀


Love your post. Curly hair problems. Lol

Tara Christine Enright

Good post, I like the one where it says do not brush your hair when it’s dry LOL I think I have a picture when I was young of my mom actually brushing it out and it was a crazy hair day lol it was all poof out and crazy us girls with natural curly hair can relate indeed.

What type of deep condition do you use? I haven’t done that yet and I want to try it.

I also followed you on Google+ can you do the same (: Thanks Here is my link-


Great tips. I have curly hair too and it’s very high maintenance! But I have my routine now and it looks great so worth all the effort!


This gives me serious hair envy! My hair is a mess right now.