Dating Drama: What To Do If Your Crush Is Taken?

Dating Drama

When it comes to dating, it can sometimes be a tricky thing.  Especially when you don’t know how the other person feels about you because let’s face it, rejection is a hard pill to swallow.

For me, this topic has been the story of my life for years.   I always seem to fall for the wrong guys, or I wait too long to confess my feelings to my crush. Which ultimately leads to  heartbreak and me wondering ” What is wrong with me”?.  

The truth is, you can not make someone like you.  I mean some may argue you can, but honestly, it’s not worth it. It’s better to have someone who likes you back 100 percent.  Because then you will know, that the feelings are real and mutual.  

When it all boils down to it, you have to honest with yourself.  Would you be willing to wait even if there is a possibility that you guys may never be together? Even in the chance that they become single again, will you stick around? Because truthfully, you may not know when that is going to happen.  It can happen next month, next year, or even years down the line.

Also, think about the friendship that you guys have. If you guys have a good bond, would you be willing to change the nature of your relationship?  I mean don’t get me wrong, not every relationship that starts out as friendship ends badly.  But then again, you still have to consider these things. 

So when it comes to the question of what to do, I would say take it day by day.  Continue to be their friend as long as you can without expecting anything more or less because the future is still uncertain. Always remember to work on yourself first, and then everything else will fall into place.  Know that it is not the end of the world and there are plenty of fish in the sea. If this crush flops, then move on with your life and be happy. Don’t wait around for someone that you are not sure of because you may be missing out on someone else who is better.


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I’d say find a new crush!


Rightly said. In the end there is only one question to ask. Are you willing to wait for them? That kinda clears up everything isnt it?


Totally agree, need to move on, work on ourselves more rather than just stuck waiting for the crush

Mea P

I would say take the risk. The worst feeling would be not knowing, in my opinion. Thanks for the post!

Isaac Tan

oh no… now thats a sad thought. Don’t take my crush away!


Agreed with you.
work on yourself first, and everything else will fall into place.
Just being a better of us, we will find the truth once day !

Stepheny Siew

I have been the same situation with you before. Always been falling into the Mr Wrong. And yea, work on yourself first. become a better you before you get the better next one.

Stepheny Siew

Racheal Loh

I have been single many years and totally forget on how to mend a relationship back if there’s any broken.. Good write up!


This is really one big question that we have to face. To wait or let go? To proceed and see a friendship break? What a risk!

Miera Nadhirah Tan

when the one you like loves another, or is with another, it is only right to let go and look for another… hahaha… it may not be easy but happiness is there for all

Sebrinah Yeo

Love is like a butterfly. The more u chase the more it flies away. Let love come to u. Love that comes to u is the happiest of all. And love comes when u least expect it

justin torres

I think taking things day by day is a good advice. But I think, we think too much about relationships. I think we should be happy whether we are in a relationship or not. And also if your crush does not like you back , it’s not the end of the world.


Torn between the idea that life is too short to wait for someone and the idea that love is worth the wait. Sometimes it’s best to let go and see what happens.