Fall Boot Haul 2017: Fall Fashion Booties and More

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  For this post, I will be showing you all my latest fall boot haul. In this haul, I show about 5 pairs of boots that I got for my birthday.  If you all did not know, my birthday was on November 9th.  I hope you all enjoy this fall boot haul and remember to like, share, and subscribe. Also, all the shoes that I mention in this haul, the links will be below under the video. Have a great day everyone!


[somryv url=”FTlBzGvRElw” size=”large” align=”center”]

Shoe Links

1st Shoe: Jessica Cline® Kyla  Link: Click Here!  

2nd Shoe: Not Rated Crunchy Crunch       Link: Click Here! 

3rd Shoe: Hot Cakes® Raider          Link: Click Here 

4th shoe: Jessica Cline® Kendell   Link: Click Here     

5th  (Last Pair) : WHITE MOUNTAIN LIDA BOOT  Link: Click Here  


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Highstreet Beauty

I am such a sucker for boots! I just love them at this time of year with any outfit.


Very nice collection ♥


I love fall boots! Especially the brown tall ones.