Grunge Style LookBook For Teens

 Grunge Style LookBook For Teens

Hello All!  My name is  Hanna from and I am a teen lifestyle blogger and photographer.  I’m honored to write on Brooke’s Blog and  hope you all enjoy my post. As a teen girl that is heavily interested in fashion,  I love everything that relates to it.  So for today, I am going to share with you all a grunge style lookbook!

Since  “GRUNGE”  is word commonly  used on Pinterest, it was very easy to find an image.  So below is a picture of a model wearing a grunge outfit! so let’s started now <3

As you all can see in the picture above, Grunge style (outfits) are mainly based on dark clothes with a light piece.  Tops consising  of patterned (or drawn on) designs are very trendy and popular. Especially those with skulls designs, flowers , or even both are very common amongest this style. Beanies on the other hand,  are a very versatile accessory.

I usually like to wear them on bad hair days because as we all know, you may not always have a good hair day. It’s also quite sexy to put a little bit of the shirt inside the short (  tumblr inspiration !!) becuase with no doubt, high waisted shorts are the best of all times!

So Let’s Get in the Anatomy of The Photo

Accessories: Black Wool Beanie (Best color in Beanies), Black Rounded Glasses ( Rounded Ones are so good on that style), Long Silver Necklace (Chokers are also good)

Tops: Dark ones with Patterned drawings ( especially skulls with Flowers)

Bottoms: Light blue high-waisted hot shorts

jackets: Light Off-white wool jacket

 Shoes: Black half-boot ( I Prefer them from Timberland)

You can see more details about the pieces in case if you want to buy one of them below 🙂

Grunge Style ~HannaViolette by hannatawfik featuring a knit hat


Boohoo jersey shirt                                 Dorothy Perkins outerwear                                Short boots

285 EGP –                          695 EGP –                     695 EGP –


Boohoo short shorts                                Knit hat                                                   Jimmy Choo sports sunglasses

255 EGP –                        220 EGP –                       6,135 EGP –

Question Time: What style do you Love most?

If you liked my guest post, then comment down below!


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Penny Snark (The Sconnie Sling)

Cute look! I like to dress more vintage/pinup, but I can definitely see connections between the styles – retro girls love high-waisted shorts! 🙂

Hanna Tawfik

So am i ! Vintage styles are so unique. And yeah High waisted shorts are so tumblr trend now

Lifestyle Hunter

Loved the outfit, specially the boots <3!!

Hanna Tawfik

who doesnt fall in love with timberlake boots?! they are just masterpieces


You remind me of my niece who lives in CA. Cute outfit!

Lynn N.
Pinterest/Twitter: @emmaandrose
Instagram: @emmaandroseblog

Distantly Able

I love grunge style especially on lazy days, you can never own too many beanies. I also think that wearing tights under shorts is perfect for spring or early fall.


oh I really love the grunge style, and especially the hair in that first photo. You put together some super cute and stylish looks here. I have a pair of combat boots that I never know what to wear with, besides skinny jeans and a flannel shirt… I’ll have to experiment

In Veronica's Corner

I love grunge looks :). Super cute, cool, and comfy.

Laneic Lavalle (@mynameisnotmoms)

It’s great for days when you want to be stylish and comfortable. My sister rocks this look sometimes and I’ve always thought it looked cute!


Hi, I’m really loving this post and I’m also really liking the grunge style outfit.

Alyssa Turner Cairns

I really like the teen-appropriate style advice! My little lady is only 5….. but someday this will come in handy 😉 <3


I dig the G n R shirt!