My Favorite Halloween Activity As A Kid : Trick-or-treating

As a kid, I always enjoyed Halloween.  I loved dressing up and watching some of my favorite Halloween movies. But most of all, I loved going trick or treating.  Because like most kids, trick or treating was the highlight of my night.



Every year as a kid, I would go door to door with my little candy bucket.  Looking to see how much candy I could scoop up by the end of the night. And when the night was over, I would have a bucket full of candy and treats. When I got home, my mother would check the candy.  After making sure everything was good, it was time to eat!

Oh yes, if only I could go back in time and be a kid again.  And live out my trick or treating adventures would be awesome. Yet I guess that’s only wishful thinking, since I don’t have a time machine. Now 26, I know I am way past the age of trick or treating.  My days of being a cute and innocent kid have long been gone.

Yet even though it may be true, I will always have memories. No matter how old I get, I will always love trick or treating.   Because even if I can’t do it anymore, it is still one of my greatest memories as a kid.


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Ahhh I used to love trick-or-treating!! I feel like the kids today won’t ever get to experience what we did as a child, it’s just not the same anymore.

Babette Brown

I never got to go trick or treating since I grew up in Europe and we did not celebrate Halloween then. I would have loved it for sure 🙂


aww these seem like good memories, we didn’t celebrate Halloween where I grew up but I do enjoy the candies now lol


I’m 42 and I still love trick or treating!

Erika Ravnsborg

Nice! It sounds like you had a lot of fun on Halloween

Mariah Kaercher

Trick or Treating was so much fun as a kid. If I ever do become a parent, I will definitely make Halloween to be a big deal in my household.


There’s always a few childhood moments that bring nostalgia and it sure feels good reminiscing them. Glad you liked your trick or treating memories