Halloween Memory: Going Trick or Treating As A Kid

Halloween: Do You Miss Trick Or Treating?

Halloween for most kids is a night full of fun and adventure. But most of all, it is a night of dressing up and gathering as much candy as you can from your neighbors. Which for me was one of my most memorable moments as a kid during this time of year. Because it is nothing like stuffing your face with free candy lol. 

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Every year as a kid, I would go from door to door with my orange candy bucket. Looking to see how much candy I could get by the end of the night. And when the night was over, I would have a bunch of candy in my bucket. Once home, my mother would check the candy. And after giving it the okay, it was time to eat! The candy wrappers would be flying from left to right as I would go through my treasure chest of candy. 

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So even though I am too old for trick or treating now, I will always have the memories. Memories of me putting on my costume and going from door to door saying “trick or treat.” Or I guess the luxury of being an innocent kid without having any care or worries in the world.  


Now 26, I think back to all the fun times that I had trick or treating. The crazy costumes my mother made for me and the adventures I had roaming the neighborhood with my friends. Hm…if only I could wish upon a star and relive my childhood memories all over again.  That would be an awesome, but i know thats not reality.  In the end,I will say that even if I’m too old, I can at least say that I have the experiences that will last a lifetime.

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Ahhh I used to love trick-or-treating!! I feel like the kids today won’t ever get to experience what we did as a child, it’s just not the same anymore.

Babette Brown

I never got to go trick or treating since I grew up in Europe and we did not celebrate Halloween then. I would have loved it for sure 🙂


aww these seem like good memories, we didn’t celebrate Halloween where I grew up but I do enjoy the candies now lol


I’m 42 and I still love trick or treating!

Erika Ravnsborg

Nice! It sounds like you had a lot of fun on Halloween

Mariah Kaercher

Trick or Treating was so much fun as a kid. If I ever do become a parent, I will definitely make Halloween to be a big deal in my household.


There’s always a few childhood moments that bring nostalgia and it sure feels good reminiscing them. Glad you liked your trick or treating memories