High School Experience: My Regrets & Advice

I recently got the oppurtunity to share my high school experience for a collaborative project that I joined on youtube.  The purpose of the  project is to bring awareness to teen suicide and any issues that teenagers go through in high school.  At first, I was a little nervous to share my story. I did not know how people would percieve me. Would they only think I was making this video for the attention or some type of sympathy?.

All in all, I still decided to record and upload the video on my channel.  I feel like even though I was nervous, it was still for a good cause at the end of the day.  Because when you are young or a teenager it is not always easy. Especially when it comes to dealing with other  people and the rest of the world.  It can get overwhelming at times because you are still trying to figure who you are as a person.

So if you like my video, remember to like, share, and subscribe. Definitely share if you know someone that may need to hear this message. Have a great everyone and see you all in another blog post!


[somryv url=”qIU0xQnKfFU” size=”large” align=”center”]

For info on this project, you can see more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6Ijh36ORAc&list=PLvWbc1PfHR_uZDV6IcqhwMAurTy46EOYb


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Blair Villanueva

Thank you for sharing your experience. You are brave to face this challenge and overcome it. Bullying is a no no. But it should start to stop it from home.


Important topic! Interesting to read!


This is so important to share! Teens don’t have it easy, that is for sure.

Travel Blogger

I am so sorry that you had to go through that and all alone! That is so awful and isolating. Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully, it will help someone in the same situation to come forward and overcome their struggles. We need to be more open with our battles and give others a path to step up and have their voices heard.

kelly reci

I spent my 9 minutes watching the video and it is really worth it! I enjoyed the topic and I love to share this with friends!


Oh yeah, everyone will get through any high school experiences. It’s not always easy as 1-2-3. So better be prepared for anything.

Christine Cox
I feel like so much as changed when it comes to kids in school now compared to kids in school when I was younger (and I’m not that old!!). I know there were “bullies” but other kids stepped in and made the madness stop. Bullying wasn’t the issue that it is today. And don’t even get me started on safety! We lived in a very rural area. So rural that students who were old enough would go hunting in the morning before school and bring their hunting weapons to school with them in their vehicles. It didn’t cause an issue.… Read more »

I unfortunately didn’t have any volume on your video, but I wanted to say that it’s great to share your experience with other others even if it might be a little uncomfortable. You don’t know how many people you can help just by sharing this so they know they aren’t alone.

Cindy Gordon

It’s so good to see people paying more attention to these kids who fall through the cracks. School is full of very heavy things for kids.

Our Family World

High school is one of the most difficult stages we have to go through. You try to fit in but it seems you cannot compete with the others. This is the stage where you can get called the nastiest names. I will share your video in the hope that it reaches more people and make them aware of the problems teenagers face nowadays.

elizabeth o

I was thinking about my high school experience as I read your post and wondered what I regret about it. Honestly, nothing came to mind. Perhaps being a lot more serious about it… 🙂

Annemarie LeBlanc

I breaks my heart to know about this. I was not bullied in high school but I did not have many friends (because I was a transferee). It was a miracle I survived that phase in life. High school is tough!


It is great that you are opening up and sharing your struggle. I am sorry you had to endure such awful experiences. I hope others hear your story and find hope and strength in your courage.


High school days and experiences are probably the most remarkable of all. Anybody would be dealing with anyone… it will not be easy. But at least you would be a better person in College

High school was a tough time for me too. My parents took a job in a different place so we had to move. I was a new student in my freshman year. I tried my best to fit in, but I guess I never did. My southern accent was their daily entertainment. I found a few friends who were really kind and took me in to be part of their group. I may not have been one of the popular kids in school but it was what drove me to focus on my academics. I guess it paid off. I… Read more »
Dr. Elise Cohen Ho

I am sorry for all that you have suffered through but grateful that you are sharing so as to help others.

Julie syl

For me, highschool experience is great! It’s really memorable than a college life.


I applaud you for sharing your struggle. I dealt with bullying too, and I just wish I could tell my younger self that everything would turn out okay in the end.

Nelly Kung'u

If I started stating my high school regrets…… They are a can of worms I will never open
So proud of you that you faced yours openly
You are brave
Great course


Thank you for being brave and sharing this story. It is NEVER your fault. People are ill and you should NEVER blame yourself for that. Continue to inspire our young queens !

Jauwan Stinson (@Mommymedley)

Thank you for sharing your story! Thank God we are so different from high school!

Simply Muna

High school is hard! And kids are cruel 🙁 Thanks for sharing, I can’t imagine how that must have felt! x

Pure EssenceBeauty 215

I think your Brave to Share your Journey more people need to Share their struggles and insecurities to raise awareness to what’s really going on in society! As an Adult I still struggle with regrets and setbacks but I know there is a lesson within every Situation!
Peace & Blessings! 🙏🏾