Human Hair Extensions: Choosing The Best Quality

When individuals discuss real human hair extensions,  they often want the real thing.  Depending where you buy your’e hair from, can play a major impact on the quality and cost.  In some instances,  you might find real human hair extensions  that contain a combination of various textures.  For example: Some of which may include a mixutre of real hair with either synthetic or animal hair. Which it is why it is important to know where you are buying your hair from.  Checking to make sure that whatever website or store you go to, it is notable and trustworthy.

Disadvantages of Synthetic hair

The way in which natural hair looks can be very dissimilar to synthetic. Synthetic hair has a tendency to frizz and the way it reflects light makes it stick out a lot.  A dditionally overtime, it will lose its straightness which is something that happens much less with human hair.

Dropped Hair

Real human hair extensions produced from dropped hair are manufactured from the remaining hair that has been cut to shape the hair.  Thus, making the length very uneven resulting in poorer quality hair. As well as it  being less expensive, it is barely bought by salons.  So it is important to remember any hair you purchase should be from the individual growing it.


Virgin or Processed Hair

Virgin hair that has not been dyed or conditioned by any means is likely  more thicker.   On other hand though, processed hair is different.   When  processed hair is  treated with numerous chemicals, it loses it’s thickness. On top of that, conditioning it  takee  away the cuticle layer meaning it won’t last as long.

If it’s curly or wavy then , real human hair extensions are undoubtedly the best choice.  As with curly hair that is synthetic,  the curl or wave will rapidly be lost with usage.   On the other hand, human hair extensions that are naturally curl or wavy comes in a wider selection.  A variety of colors, curls, and waves that anyone can find to their liking.

Remy Hair

As pointed out,  Remy is regarded as one of the best human hair extension types.   To ensure that all roots and cuticles are even,  each weft is carefully organized.  Exactly the same direction meaning it will appear more natural.  Most remy locks come  from Asia are  frequently virgin too. Therefore leaving the stored cuticle in tact, but it may be any kind. Frequently the word Remy is misused in tangible extensions so it’s worth checking what you’re buying.

Whether it is human hair or clip in extensions, they all have a time span.  More and more  people are using  them for long-term where it’s braided or weaved in.  This is due to the fact that  real human hair extensions last a longer period of time.  Simply because they look more natural when blended with the person’s own hair.

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You have some great tips! I love hair extensions but find buying them to be a bit of a pain and stressful! They are a huge amount of money and who knows what you are really getting when buying them online! Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks for such a great insight into hair extension! You have some amazing tips included! Fab blog post


My hair is so different from what it was pre-kids. I hadn’t considered extensions, but when you buy quality products they look fantastic.

Rachel Mouton

These hair extensions are beautiful. I love all of the great tips too!

Tran Halinh

this article is very helpful for me. I usually worry about my hair and how to take care of it. So all of your suggestions are very helpful, honestly. Thanks for sharing, i hope you will write more about this topic


I love hair extensions – both my daughter and I have used them and what a great option for an entirely different look.


I actually have never gotten hair extensions before but I think they are super cool, especially if you want long hair!


The way you explained each point with necessary details and maintained good balance between theory and practice is really commendable.

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Thanks a bunch for sharing.
Have a super fabulous day.