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Aileen who is othewise known by  “Lavendaire”,  is a young millennial on a mission.  A youtuber, blogger, singer, and podcaster, Aileen’s passion for music and creativity started at a young age. Since taking her passion to the next level, Aileen has been able to inspire and motivate other millineals.  As well as showcasing other millineals in her amazing youtube series called ” Artist Of Life.”  In the series, she features  young people from all different walks of life doing what they love.

Besides  “Artist of Life”,  her podcast series is also a great source of inspiration and motivation.   In her podcast series,  she sheds light on a variety of topics that all pertain to life.  Through her life experiences and what she has learned in the past, she is able to give her audience a sense of comfort.  A positive outlook that you can do anything that you put your mind to, as long as you believe.  So make sure you all check out Lavendaire!

Youtube Channel

Artist of Life

Q & A

1.) How did the name “Lavendaire” come about?

One day, I was brainstorming some combinations of words that I liked that would embody my vision.   My main objective was to come up with a name that sounded airy, light, and inspiring. I had purple hair and really liked the color lavender because it was a color, but also a flower. The color was perfect for how I wanted my brand to feel, and the fact that it was also a flower added to the dreamy and feminine feel I wanted. Then I added “aire” at the end because I wanted the word “air” in there – and it made it sound a bit, French.

2.) Do you consider yourself a millennial?  If so how do you define being a millennial in today’s society?

Yes. I think millennial is just a label of the generation that was born between a certain time frame – I’m a 90’s kid which fits into the “millennial” category. I don’t generally like to define the label though because I believe that limits us.

3.) Did you always dream of becoming a blogger and youtube creator? If not what other dreams or aspirations did you have?

In a way, yes.  I had a music YouTube channel since high school where I sang and played the piano. It was a fun hobby, but I didn’t know if I could ever make it into a full-time career.  I  just knew deep down inside, that I wanted to have a career where I could be creative.  Where I could have time and location freedom, to invest my time into something meaningful.  I  always looked up to other Youtubers because I envied their lifestyle: They got to make videos, be their own boss, and travel for work.  So with that being said, I eventually got honest with myself and decided to seriously pursue youtube.


4.) What inspired or motivated you to start your series “Artist Of Life”?

I’m  inspired by the concept of the artist of life – the concept that we each have the power to create and shape our lives in whatever way we want. We can truly create the life of our dreams if we try. At the very least, we can create a life where we are happy and work on something that brings us joy and fulfillment. I really wanted to feature “artists of life” that I knew personally and share their stories with others, to show that “Hey, this is possible. If they can do it, so can you.” I’ve been inspired by so many people in my journey and I want to share that with others.

5.) For anybody out their that may be an entrepreneur like yourself, what word of advice would you give them?  What do you hope they learn from you?

It’s all about stamina: how long can you last in the game without giving up?  The entrepreneurial path is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.   Every day when I wake up,  I get to do what I love.   I get to create things that make me happy, while also making a  positive impact on other people’s lives which is what I’ve always wanted.   Yet,  then the path isn’t easy and the rewards don’t come as soon as you wish they would.  Everything takes time and effort, so you have to be super patient, persevering and continually learn and study the industry so that you can give it your best shot. I break this down in a recent podcast episode I shared about The Success Mindset.

The entrepreneurial path isn’t for the weak. You have to be willing to work for years without reward before you might see the slightest chance of success. But if you can stay in the game, it will definitely make you stronger.  Because then you’ll feel so capable that even if this venture fails, you can build up another one with all that you have learned over the years. 


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It’s funny – when I was growing up I wanted to be on American Idol. That seemed to be the only avenue to “get discovered” for your talents. Now with blogging, YouTube, podcasting – there are so many ways to get your name out there. So inspiring what Lavendaire is doing. She’s a kickass millennial!


I’m glad to hear your doing what you love. I will definitely have to check out your YouTube channel. The name you hose is perfect.


Great reminder that we have to be ready for the long haul as entrepreneurs. I’ts impressive what she’s been able to build from her hobby YouTube channel!


Excellent Guest Post I loved it! So inspiring I just subscribed to Lavandaire channel and will be following her work…..thank you Brooke

Bizarre Brunette

Cool interview ! I’m just starting to get into podcasts so I’m always looking for new recommendations.


Great reminder that if you persevere you will succeed. Thank you for sharing!


this was a way cool post. I’m excited to listen to a few of the podcasts.

Thivy Michelle

I will definitely be checking out her YouTube channel, her hair is stunning! So cool that you got to feature her on your blog 🙂

Thivy Michelle

Kait Around The Kingdom

I love that you did an interview! How cool!


I love seeing young ladies going after their dreams. Looking forward to checking out your podcasts!

Victoria Lola

That’s inspiring…..esp the Artist of Life series…really good. I’ll def be checking out her YouTube channel
Thanks for sharing <3


Such a great interview! I didn’t find my entrepreneurial spirit until much later in life, but what she says connects so much with me! And the reminder that this is definitely a long-haul journey is a great one! It can get kinda hard a year or two into things and not seeing as much growth as you would like!


I love the name Lavendaire and I loved hearing her insights! Especially about the entrepreneurial path.

Crystal Picard

I didn’t know this person existed, so I’m happy to have found her!

Great insights and I loved her stance on the “Millennial” title!


Wow, I never heard of heard her. Thanks for introducing me to some been motivation. I love learning of fellow entrepreneurs.


I’m loving podcasts, thanks for sharing this. Such gorgeous hair! And I agree about entrepreneurial stamina ✨


Very interesting interview definitely want to learn more about Lavendaire. Thank you for sharing


Lavendaire is definitely inspiring. I ran across one of her videos on blogging and it was helpful.

Ariel C

Cool blog post! I need to listen to those podcasts:)


I enjoyed reading this post! She looks like an interesting person, I’m surely gonna check her youtube channel to know more!


What a great and insightful interview. In this day of age I feel like more and more millennials are not waiting around to be entrepreneurs and starting right away.Def feeling the artist of life need more of these


I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, so seeing other kick-ass female creators do it is really inspiring! <3


I really enjoyed your post, great interview.

Fadzi Razak

She is not only talented, she got a complete package. Would definitely want to achieve what she has


Never heard of Lavendaire i before. I do use YouTube as an entertainment channel but not actively seek out the stars. Sorry!


I really love the name Lavendaire. And I love learning your story; I will be sure to check your channel out!


Mhaan (@momyrockinstyle)

I always wanted to have a purple hair. Maybe someday. Definitely checking out your Youtube channels as well. Keep up the good work dear. 🙂

Mhaan (@momyrockinstyle)

I always wanted to have a purple hair. I find it cool! Will definitely checking out your Youtube channels as well. Keep on blogging! 🙂

Marina Rosie

I will definitely check her channel out, this was such a good interview! x
Lots of love,
Marina Rosie xx

That New Girl

This is beautiful!! These are the kinds of bloggers I enjoy seeing doing big things AND sharing their voices & stories! Great work Brooke & Aileen!

nicole steinthal

Excellent interview…I need to follow Lavendaire!!!! I love the name. Thanks for introducing us to her!!!


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Christine Jamieson

love her answer to the millennial question!