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Lazy Girl Tips That Are Cool, Quick, and Easy To Do

Lazy Girl Tips

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look and feel beautiful. Just a few minutes a day are all you need to look fabulous. Especially if you are a bit lazy, but still want to look cute. So below are 4  quick beauty tips for all the lazy girls next door.  In 15 minutes or less, you will be ready to walk out the door!

1.) Dry Shampoo

For the most part, dry shampoo has become one of the most popular and magical hair products on the market. Mainly because it can do so much for your tresses in just a few sprays. First of all, it can easily soak up grease to help your hair to look fresh and smelling clean. Secondly, you can always get one that leaves a fresh scent no matter the occasion. 


Besides that, dry shampoos are also amazing when it comes to giving additional volume due to their ingredients like clay and silica. So the next time you your favorite dry shampoo, use  after you get a blowout and you will see an instant improvement!

2.) Make Your Shower Gel Work Double Time

As we all know, having too many products in your shower can be quite messy and annoying at times. Especially if you are a low-maintenance girl who doesn’t need a million shower gels that do the same thing. Which brings me to the point of, you should opt for one that can work as a 2 in 1 combo. Both as a shower gel and a shaving cream which can save you loads of money and time.

Such products usually come in deodorant-like containers, with all you having to do is to squeeze a small amount of gel into your hand. Once the gel comes in contact with water, it will instantly transform the gel into a rich foam that is used as a shaving cream too. So does it get better than that? We don’t think so!


3.) Skin detoxification, rejuvenation, and a smoother look all in one

You’ve probably already realized the benefits of multipurpose products, which is why you should get a skincare product that can detoxify, rejuvenate, and smooth out your skin in just 10 to 15 minutes. Cleansing your skin on a daily basis is an absolute must, but the truth is many girls are too lazy to do it every day. Their skincare routine is too complicated that they probably want to simplify it a bit, instead of adding more steps. 

One detox mask that is great for the skin is by Cosmedix skin care products. Besides detoxifying, it also smoothes out the surface of your skin while restoring the radiance of it which will result in a more rejuvenated look. So make sure you give it a try because you won’t regret it!

4.) Fake the ultimate awake look with just a touch of a highlighter

Apart from your favorite black mascara, the highlighter is another essential product every woman needs to have.  No matter her age, personal style, or makeup preferences it does not matter. By adding a beautiful glow to your cheekbones, the highlighter provides a unique facelift effect that requires no surgery.

Though of course, the intensity of the glow is all a personal preference when it comes to an individual’s style. Though, you can never go wrong with a subtle highlight that is perfect for a day-to-day basis. You can also use it under foundation for a glow-from-within kind of a look. As well as in the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop. Even add a little to your shoulders and collarbones for the ultimate glamorous look for any special event or occasion!  

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Jen Gardiner

Great tips! Definitely going to try some of these.

Rachael M

I will use conditioner as shaving cream in a pinch, but never heard of the body wash/shaving cream combo gel before! I also recently invested in my first bottle of dry shampoo so looking forward to getting some good use out of that!


Any ideas to help cut down on time spent in the bathroom is greatly appreciated!


Great post, excellent tips! Definitely going to try some of them!


Great tip. I’ve def will vouch for the shower gel. Yes! Saves time and $$$. I’ve never tried dried shampoo, but have heard of it. I’ll look more into it. Thanks for sharing this.


good tips! I like the highlighter one and a little blush.


Great article