A Letter To My College Self: Finding Myself

Hey everyone and welcome back to another cool post.  As you guys can see from the title, I am writing a letter to my college self.  I know that college is different for everyone, and things are not always easy. Some might leave with a student loan debt (here is a cool refinancing option ) or some might leave wtih life-long friendships.  So whether you are in college or not, you are never too old to reflect and learn something new. College is a journey that may have many ups and downs, but throught it all you have to remain positive  and not let things get out of control lol.


Dear Brooke,

How are things going for you so far.?  Hopefully you are taking college serious and making smart choices. By the way I know that the cafeteria food is not the best, but I guess this is what you get for going to a community college.  On the bright side, at least you have some delicious food trucks near the school. Especially the one that makes those amazing breakfast sandwiches which are yum yum yum!

Besides eating delicious food from the trucks, make sure you are getting some help for your math class. I know that math is not your favorite subject, but don’t worry you are not alone.  Their are millions of people who feel the same way too so don’t feel stressed out girl.   Just make sure you get yourself a tutor and stop playing games little missy.  You don’t want to repeat that same math class for another semester or do you.?

I know that making the decision to go to college was never easy for you.  Debating back and forth in your mind did you make the right choice for yourself can definitely be overwhelming.  You start to think  “Did I make the right decision for myself or am I only doing this to make my mother happy?.”   Look girl, I know you don’t want to disappoint your’e mother and it’s okay.  We all go through phases in our life in which we struggle to find ourselves in this crazy world.   So even if you came into this semester with a mindset of uncertainity, just try to stay positive and put your best foot forward.

So even if you feel after a semester or two that you are still confused about your life, you can always take a break.  Or to get your mind off of things, try something different. Get involved with some extracurricular activities at the school like cheerleading or become part of a writing workshop since you enjoy writitng poetry so much. Meet new people and possibly gain new friendships.  Most of all, don’t forget the importance of your education while you are busy being a social butterfly.

Well with that being said, I hope you enjoy your time at college and take the time to learn more about yourself.   Embrace every exprience whether good or bad because life is not perfect. Remember to live life, be yourself, and always look forward to the future. Talk to you later and have an amazing semester girl. Rock on!!!





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Bizarre Brunette

This is lovely. I’m graduating from college next spring and I may have to write myself one of these. College has impacted my life in such a positive way.


I miss uni! If I could write a letter to myself it would be to STUDY! Oh I thought I was invincible back then haha


How great! I hate math too. I’ve never done well in it no matter how hard I study.

Mihaela Echols

I love the idea of writing to your younger self as we go through stages of life!

Adriana Martin

I hear you when I was in school math wasn’t my favorite either thank goodness I had good friend that helped me out =)


This is truly great.

Kimberly c.

How creative and what a good idea to do this. I think you absolutely made the right decision to go to college.


I love this. Be gentle with ourselves. Math wasn’t my favorite either.


I love that you wrote to yourself. Sometimes I wish I could have sent myself a letter to tell myself to smell the roses. 🙂 I enjoy basic math, but you give me anything above algebra and I loathe its existence. 🙂

Isaly Holland

I actually wrote a letter to myself years ago. So, I love this idea! Self reflecting is always needed.

Isaly Holland

Angela Zimsky

This is a very cute idea!


Yep, being a social butterfly is great. You do want to remember to keep up with that education too though. Agreed.

Sandra Crespo

Love this my 1st year of college is one of my favorite memories ! If I could go back in time that would be the year I would choose. Great letter love this idea


Reading this post reminds me of my college days. I went to a state university and was eating all my meals in the community food courts, etc. It was a lot of fun and memorable experiences in that community school..;)

Elizabeth O.

If only we could all write a letter to our younger selves to keep their spirits up and to keep going, that would be awesome! I think this is such a lovely letter.

Angela Key Milnes

Such a good idea