School Supplies For High School Students

Finding school supplies can sometimes be frustrating.  Either because you may be indecisive, or you wait until the last minute.  So below is a list of my top 5 items that I believe every student needs. Even though I may have been out of high school for about 8 years now, I still remember the supplies.


As we all know having a good steardy backpack is essential to carrying around your items. If your bag is cheap, then you might as well be looking for another bag. Sometimes trying to have the most stylish bag, may not be up for the task of carrying your items. Because as we all know, books can get heavy especially if you have a lot to carry around.

2. Notebook / Composition Book

Taking notes is essential to productively getting your work done.  Taking down the right notes will make it a breeze when it comes time to study for that test.  Or even if you have a homework assignment, having the proper notes can save you a lot of time.


3. Pens/Pencils

Now I am pretty sure that this one is pretty self-explanatory. How can you write down your notes or homework assignments without a pen or pencil?!


4. Calculator (If allowed or needed)

When it comes to a calculator, I know a lot you guys out their rather use your phone. Yet if are allowed to use one, definitely be sure to get one.  As someone like me who hated math, having my calculator saved me a  lot of trouble of time of trying to calculate everything in my head.  So let the calculator do the work and you just keep tapping those keys.


5.) Binder and Binder Dividers

I can not say this enough that being organized will make your life a whole lot easier.  So invest in a good binder with some binder divivders and you will be all set. Having binder dividers will allow you to keep your work separate and organized. Because nothing is worst then trying to find notes for a specific subject, and you don’t know where to find it.


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Great tips!! I remember the panic of the last week of the summer getting ready for school, used to be a nightmare :’)

Charlie |

Gabrielle “Crystal” RoseBonniee

Nice tips °₊·ˈ

Blog de la Licorne


Reading your article made me remember that we forgot to pick up the scientific calculator! Oh no! Thanks for the reminders and list.

Tara Pittman (@momknowsbest15)

My teen is picky on his school supplies. He likes to have certain pens and pencils

Claudia Krusch

My Son just brought home his supply list yesterday. He has a few of these on his list. We will be going shopping this weekend for sure.

Emma White

some great back to school items here, my kids always love getting new items to start back at school with


Yes! These are essentials for starting out in school. I had everything you named. I especially needed the binder because things got a little unorganized when I was in school. Great tips!


Interesting how the supplies are different than what we used to buy (I grew up in Burkina Faso and we has 8-10 notebooks every year!)


Great list of back to school items! I know my kids needed most of these items for grade school this year.

Cassandra Washington

Good reminders for parents of high schoolers. Sometimes, we think teenagers are independent enough to remember all of these things.


Thanks for this post I never thought about a binder. I am sure now that my teen is into his GCSE subjects then they would come in really handy


I need all these things in my life, and I’m not even in high school LOL great tips!

Kristen from The Road to Domestication

This is a good refresher! It’s been a long time since I was in high school…and it’ll be a while before the kiddos are there, either…


This is a great list. My oldest started Junior High this year, and all of these things were on her supply list.


This is a great list of needed items for school. I like the backpack in the photo.

Felecia Monique

High school! This makes me
Nervous!! My baby is a 5th grader!

Ashley - Forking Up

This post really made me want to go back to school—just so I can go back to school shopping. Love it!

Tiffany La Forge-Grau

Great tips! I remember those days. I always loved going shopping for my school supplies. I liked buying all new stuff. My favorite was picking out my backpack and binder!

Betzy Cuellar

The backpack is a must even for a college student.


My kiddos went through a lot of notebooks in high school. I actually go through many as an adult.

regina malloy

we will have a high schooler next year here


I don’t have the need to shop for school supplies yet but my sisters do have. Their little ones are going to school already.

Rich-Bivins (@BIVRIC)

Looks like you covered all the basics. I’m sure glad I don’t have to worry about these things any longer, however, I do like to stock up on some of these supplies while they are on sale. You can never have enough notebooks.

Cassie Liz

It’s so important to have good school supplies! A great backpack that is also stylish makes all the difference


I was one of those who was never excited to go back to school – ha! But one thing I did enjoy was school supply shopping!

Kelly Hutchinson (@KickingWKelly)

Great list of school supplies for the high school student. My daughter used all of these when she was in high school.


My daughter is in high school, and several of her teachers requested binders. One teacher wanted a 3-inch binder, and the cheapest one I could find was $10. My bank account is sad lol.

Aduke Schulist

This high school list should be what the schools require. It seems like they want you to buy the entire store now!


Nice to see old fashion school supplies still exist in this age where everything seems to be electronic … yeah!

Mhaan (@momyrockinstyle)

When I was kid, I always get excited every time we buy my new school supplies. It’s like buying me a new dress or shoes.

Shannon Gurnee

These are definitely things that a high school student needs.. We almost always end up buying more items once school starts. This is a great start though.


These are all really great tips! I remember when I was in high school and having to have all of these! My school was when we started getting laptops though, so my how times have changed! But we definitely still need pens and pencils and what not! Awesome tips, thanks for sharing!


These are great tips. I will this info along to my siblings who have kids that go to school.

Blair Villanueva

I love grade and high school! Because my Mom always make sure we have complete school supplies (sometimes office supllies!). It truly motivates us to study more.