Self-Love: Learning Not To Care What Others Think

So for this self-love post, I will be sharing one of my first podcast episodes. In this particular episode, I talk about learning not to care what others think of you.  Which I think is something that we should all keep in mind.

Because when you think about it, people are always going to have their own opinions.  Though we can not change that, there is one thing that we can do.  Which is live our lives to the fullest without any regrets or sorrows. While always remembering that people may come and go.  But as long as we value ourselves first, nothing else matters.  So I hope you all enjoy the episode and have an awesome day everybody.  By the way you guys I had to make a change to the track! Hope you still enjoy it!

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Thank you for opening this discussion Brooke! For me its a hard balance. I seem to over index on one of the two ends of the spectrum. But where I lose my patience completely is when people just play games and want to hurt your feelings intentionally. Typically girls. Mean girls. As you said: “Whats wrong with you girl?”


This is so helpful and important. Thank you for sharing!


It’s true no matter what you do and how you choose to live your life, people are always going to have something to say. Just do you and keep on keeping on <3

Andrea Nicole Laranang

Own who you are <3


Thank you for sharing this. I think its one of those issues that we all “know” but find it so hard to truly take on board. I find yoga is a good way for me to reconnect with what it really means…


I love this post! It’s so inspiring. Believing in yourself regardless of what people think of you is so important. Thank you for sharing.

Nicole | Glamorously You

Great post! Everyone will have their own opinions so how will you know who’s right or wrong? The only opinion that should matter is your own 🙂


True! Be true to yourself, be who you are and be comfortable with your own skin. Don’t care about what other people may think, as you can’t make everyone happy. Inspirational.