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Shoppers And Their Different Approaches To Shopping 101

Type Of Shoppers

All shoppers have a different approach to shopping. The way Person A goes about shopping may be such that she prefers to order products online and have them delivered to the doorstep. So that way she does not have to step out of her comfort zone. Person B, however, may be driven by the need to physically see the product(s) before deciding to buy or not.


The variation in shopping preferences is further revealed once considering the different type of shoppers that make purchases on a daily basis. They include, yet not limited to:

  • The Bargain Shopper

This kind of shopper buys items at the best prices and can find the lowest price in town. We all know that someone who’s got those characteristics. She won’t stop until she gets that bargain, even if it means having to wait for long periods for it to happen. She takes advantage of coupons, discounts, Groupon promo codes, store sales, and on sale offers to get that bargain price for the item she wants. She’s never in a hurry to make the purchase.

  • The Researcher

Researchers are the kind of shoppers that find out everything about an item they intend to buy. If you dared to have a conversation about that product with them before they purchased it, you’d be shocked at how much they know about it. You’d think they manufactured the products themselves.

So now with more people researching the products they intend to buy online, they can make a more informative decision.

  • The Impulse Buyer

You could say that virtually everyone has been in this category at one point or the other. These are the kind of shoppers that allow emotions and feelings to play a significant role in their shopping. More often than not, the impulse is to buy, rather than not to buy. It’s usually escalated when there’s still more cash to spend. Items continue to call out to the impulse buyer like they are in a trance.

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Emma Kershaw

Great post, I’m definately a bargain shopper lol