Shopping Tips: Tricks To Avoid Paying More

Use These Tricks To Avoid Paying More

Too often it happens that you make a budget and a shopping list but walk out of the store with an extensive list of items in the shopping cart. Most of these are just impulse buys that you ended up purchasing somehow. In short, the longer you stay at the mall, the more items you keep buying, thinking that you need this and that and what not. If that happens all too often, it suggests that you either lack self-control or you  have a lot of spare money to spend. In either case, it is not a good omen for a shopper to spend more on impulse buying. But wait, could there be more to the equation than just your impulse? Do stores play tricks on customers to lure them into a marketing trap, or make them purchase items they don’t need? It is a fact that shopping centers often employ such tricks. But you as a customer can offset these tricks by playing your own. Here is more on how to use innovative tricks of spending less money while shopping:

Online Coupons To The Rescue

With so many shopping malls and marts spread in the town, it only makes sense to buy online. More so when there are sites that not only sell quality items, they sell them through coupons and promo codes that offer great incentives. There are sites like that provide merchandise from renowned brands at minimum prices. With a plethora of schemes available online, you can buy clothing and accessories with up to 50% off discounts in some cases. Moreover, some coupons offer free shipments with your item. Shopping online is a great way to avoid impulse shopping and ending up wasting money on buying items you don’t really need.

Take Your Music With You

No matter how much you resist, there will be times when you’ll be required to go to the store to buy groceries and other items. Upon entering the store, you start listening to the evocative music that fills your mind and heart with a romantic mood. Before you realize that you are being lured into mood swing, your shopping cart is half full of lifestyle products that you otherwise don’t need, nor buy. Why does this happen? Research has said that many big stores stimulate your emotions by playing romantic music. The same is true for your other senses as they place attractive and colorful items in front of you so that you couldn’t resist buying them. All too often, your grocery shopping turns into a cloth and cosmetic buying trip. But, you can avoid these gimmicks by not paying attention to the music played in the store. How? It is easy, just use your smartphone, play your favorite track, put the ear buds in and start enjoying your music playlist. It will help you keep your focus on your’e list.

Avoid Shopping While Hungry

Ever wonder why you buy a lot while hungry? That’s because going to shopping when your stomach is empty is a bad idea. It will not only make you feel frustrated, but will also let you buy plenty of junk food, snacks, soda and chocolates to fill your gut. Check your pockets when your tank is full, you barely have enough money to buy items on your list. So, is it a good idea to go shopping with a growling stomach and losing money on otherwise unnecessary things?

Perhaps you didn’t know, but most brick-and-mortar stores tricks use visual tricks to trap buyers. These tricks include manipulating your senses including seeing, touching, feeling, smelling and listening. You must not buy the way they want you to, rather do it as you please. Before entering the shopping Centre, take out your shopping list and check if the store has your items.  So the next time you go out shopping, eat properly at home.  Also, avoid noticing delicious food items placed on showcases. Keep your senses from stimulating by only paying attention to the items on the shopping list and not otherwise. Likewise, don’t let your mind think that you live in a Bohemian Palace, rather just around the corner of the street. Keep your thoughts under control while you are shopping.

Buy Only What You Can Easily Carry

Not many buyers have a car, so stalking all items into your shopping cart is not an exquisite idea. Keep in mind that these carts are big, often larger than your pocket so don’t think about filling them. You’ll be left with empty pockets, but the cart would still be empty. Take a deep breath, keep your shopping list in hand and budget in mind, and start shopping. Don’t fall in for the exciting music or colorful t-shirts. Be a smart shopper and think about how the items you see fit into your life. Naturally, you’ll realize that most of these items serve you no purpose. Now, the list, see it, and shop only for items on it and don’t drift to other sections.

Say “No” To Deals

Don’t most buyers look for deals? Why is it that you need to avoid them? That’s a legitimate query, but it also has a reasonable answer. It is yet another trick set by the retailers to trap you in. These deals don’t offer discounts, rather schemes like buy one get one free. In essence, shoppers will keep falling in, buying one item after another and calling it a fair deal. In reality, the opposite is the truth, as you didn’t get a deal at all, but ended up in spending more money chasing one deal after another. So, you have a cart full of deals that you don’t even need but no saving! That’s why you as a shopper should avoid these sales, as they are not what the shopping marts want you to believe.

Shopping can be a gratifying experience if you do it wisely. Don’t fall into traps and stick to your shopping goals.



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Wonderful post on cutting down expenses and living comfortably without stress.


Great tips


Great tips! I’m a frugal frannie, so I appreciate this post!


Buy only what you can carry. Yep, this works especially when i decide i am only buying two items so i do not get a cart, then i see a million other things but sadly i have to give myself a little brain and not get it since i cannot carry everything without a cart #moneysaved!!! lol


These are some really good tips. An I definitely agree with the first tip. In fact I wrote this one in my online shopping tips and tricks too.


Yes, Coupons are much better saving options; I always to try to find and try big saving coupons once on retailmenot and then other; this one CLothingRIC also looks good because of vertical discount only for clothings. Nice share. Thanks


These are great tips. We are avid sale shoppers and always looking for good deals.