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Philadelphia Auto Show At The Convention Center

Philadelphia Auto Show At The Convention Center

Hey everyone and happy friday! For this blog post I wanted to share you all some pictures and video footage from my experience at the Philadelphia Auto Show […] Read More

7 Travel Hacks That Will Make Traveling Easier

7 Travel Hacks That Will Make Traveling Easier

Guest Post by: Sarah

Using travel hacks is a great way to make your next vacation or trip stress free. Not only will be it stress free, but it can also be less time consuming once you learn to organize things.  So I hope you all enjoy this guest post about travel hacks and definitely feel free to share or use these hacks.

Her blog:

7 Travel Hacks For Traveling

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you travel.   Something as simple as losing your toiletries inside your suitcase.  Or even worse, losing your passport inside your fancy pack is common amongest a lot of travellers.

For new travellers, one of the easiest things to forget carrying is a passport. To avoid that, one of the best things to do is to prepare.   Also be comfortable with the idea that you are traveling as a system. By definition, a system is a whole on its own. When you think about that, you start to realize how to organize things when traveling. Having  your neccesstaties nearby, while keeping the most important things kept in a safe place is beneficial.

Securing your personal belonings is one of the best travel hacks you should learn before travelling.  An ideal of things to  keep in a safe place is your wallet, passport, big amounts of cash, credit card, pieces of jewelry, and etc .   Also if you are around or in a group full of people it is okay to carry things like your wallet, purse, and credit card.  Yet on the other hand when you are alone, it  is better to keep things compact.  For example: A small bag with little cash and some loose change, preferably with no cellphone and camera is ideal.

Of course, if you are comfortable traveling everywhere with your camera, please do bring it along with you, strapped to your neck or with a carrying attachment, or bag.

These are just some travel tips to help you along, but if you want a more detailed list, you can refer to our infographic below. It has everything you need to know to travel like a pro!

7 Travel Hacks You Need to Know Before You Go


Blackpink: New Female K-Pop Group On The Rise

Blackpink: New Female K-Pop Group On The Rise

So as most of you guys many not have known, I am an advent K-Pop listener.  About 3 weeks ago,  I came across “Blackpink” on Youtube.   After listening to their song “BOOMBAYAH” I instantly became hooked.   The South Korean group formed by YG Entertainment consists of 4 members.


From left to right: Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Ros’e


The group officially debuted their single album on August 8, 2016 entitled  “Square One”.


Since their debut, the group has gained lots of positive feedback with their success.  They have been able to gain adoring fans from all over the world.  Including me because I can’t wait until they to come to Philly or to the east coast to do a concert. So yes you guys I know this post is short, but I just wanted to share with you all my new love lol.  So in conclusion, hope you all enjoyed this post and definitely feel free to check out this amazing girl group.


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