Trimming Split Ends On Natural Hair To Keep Length

Trimming your natural hair is vital for length retention.  By ensuring the health of your ends, you will have less breakage.  Because having split ends will do nothing for the health of your hair.  In the long run, choosing health over length is important.   I mean think about it.  Would you rather have long hair with split ends or shorter hair with no spilt ends?.

Because when it all boils down to it, hair grows back.  You have to remember that the ends are the oldest part of your hair.  They need the most attention and most care.  So choosing how you trim your hair and how often you do so is important. Getting your hair trimmed on wet hair, dry hair, or even in twists are just a few methods to choose from.

So remember to pay attention to your hair.  In the end, your hair will thank you.


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i think more women should watch that video , so informative


So true! I recently grew my hair out to donate and it took forever. In the beginning, it was a matter of cutting off all the dead ends and then get a trim every 6 weeks. Ever since that first cut though, my hair has grown insanely fast. Especially people with curly hair, trimming the split ends is crucial!!


I’ve always been obsessed with getting my ends trimmed to ensure that my hair stays healthy. It’s gotten to the point that I’m so glad yet disappointed when my beautician says she doesn’t need to clip my ends. I’ve had super long hair and I’ve cut my hair really short a few times. Length will come, it’s all about being healthy!

Shikha Pandey

I regularly trim my hair to let it grow in a more stronger way ! Nice


Love the video! You make it look so easy.

Sapphire Kharyzma

I have to trim my ends! I recently combed my locs – of thirteen years – out and have been rocking preventative styles. At first, it was shedding massively, but thanks to a great brand I’ve been testing, it’s healthier, thicker, and no more shedding! I just need to trim 😊

Erika Ravnsborg

Wow! You make hair trimming look so easy. I’m terrible at it.

Tara Pittman

I need to trim my hair more often. I tend to get lazy about hair cuts

Sarah Bailey

This is really interesting I do most of my hair cutting myself, however, I didn’t really know how often I should do it and now I do!

Giselle Santos

girl I just straightened my hair last night (it’s been a couple of since I last did it) and I need a trim BAD!!!!! Like I need to look for some asap.

Heather Johnson

I am in desperate need of a trim! I have been growing my hair out a bit and it is starting to look a little crazy.


Great post! I LOVE the way my hair feels after a good trim.


I get terrible split ends but haven’t ever thought about cutting them myself! Seems like it isn’t too difficult!

Terri Beavers

I have my split ends cut every 6 weeks. It keeps my hair looking healthy and like you said, I’d rather have shorter hair with no split ends than longer hair with split ends.

Michelle Gwynn Jones

I used to get my ends trimmed all the time. I really should get back into the habit.


I used to have my hair cut with special hot scissors which supposedly sealed the ends. I’m not sure it made much difference! Now it’s over a metre long and not been cut in 6 years. I have the odd split end, but generally it’s in amazing condition, thankfully.

Aishwarya Shenolikar

I honestly didn’t know about this technique. It’s so neat! Very knowledgeable! 🙂


Great video! I learnt a lot of things so thank you!

Jasmine Eclipse

I just cut all the dead ends off my hair today! It was down past my hips, and now it’s to my shoulders. I feel so much fresher!

Rachel Mouton

I have heard so many different opinions on trimming split ends. Thanks for the help!


As a child, I had the bad habit of splitting my split ends which worsened my hair condition. Trimming is the way to go.

Katy (ashadeofteal)

I use to get my hair trimmed regularly, that was until I had kids! But I’m definitely due for a trim.

Blair villanueva

I have a regular quarterly hair trimming to maintain my nice length. And helps to grow beautifully.


Great video!!! It’s so important to keep up on trimming split ends. It just helps hair to easily look it’s best.


I can be super lazy about trimming my hair — I sometimes go over a year! Thanks for this information!

Rebecca Swenor

This is awesome information on trimming split ends on your hair. I trim the split ends before I jump in the shower usually every couple of weeks. It looks a lot better when you trim the split ends. Thanks for sharing a great video and the information.


It’s so important to get rid of those bad ends. Makes the hair healthier