Weird Food Combinations: Taste Test Video Gone Wrong

Weird Food Combinations

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog. So for this post I will be sharing with you all my latest upload on YouTube.  I decided to taste some weird food combinations that I have never heard of before. I got ideal to this video from buzzfed and thought to myself ” I love eating food combinations, so why not give it a try?.” So for the food combinations I will be eating a mayo & grape jelly sandwich, popcorn with ketchup & peanut butter, and Oreo cookies with orange juice.  I know some of these combinations might not sound that appetizing, but I hope will enjoy the video below.  Remember to like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see!  Talk to you all in another post!


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Wow bless your soul those are so odd combos!! Mayo and jelly! Yikesssss 🙈Awesome video though I loved it !! So entertaining (: you should try oreos with peanut butter so good!

Stephanie Douglas

These food combos remind me of being pregnant!

Teacher Kendall

LOL, you’re much braver than I am! I absolutely cannot do orange juice and chocolate together, so I don’t think I’d make it thru the oreos and OJ. Might have to try that PB and popcorn thing though!

FS Page

Woah! Ketchup with popcorn!!! I would really like you to post your videos trying out such weird combos. Do let us know how well it went.. 😛


You’re a braver eater than I am! While I’ve been known to make a few weird food combinations (like adding zucchini and parsnip to my banana smoothies), these are waayyyy out of my taste buds’ comfort zone!


these are all very out there ideas …ketchup with popcorn WHAT!!? hehehe mayo and jelly? Hmm I know that is a combo that people like.

cindyrina (@cindyrina)

Love you video! Totally weird combo. Wonder how it taste.

Live Life Lah

those are too odd for me… lol.. i won’t be trying that…..

Nidhal Sinha

Why did you make yourself go through that, Brooke? 😂 I would have never tormented my taste buds that way. Never the less, kudos to your tongue for having borne that.


I really had a good laugh watching your video and imagining how those combos taste like. Can’t stomach them myself!

Noor Atiqah

I willing to try this weird combination. It look delicous .

Hey Sharonoox

These weird food combo is too odd for me. I’ll be too scared to try. I really like your video, you are so brave. Good job gurrl!


What a fun post and video! a great idea to share all of the individual food quirks we all have. For me I love eating crisps or potato chips with chocolate so i get the salt and sweet together.


Yes, those are weird food combinations. I have no desire to ever try any of them together.

Hui Ying

wow!!! Nice video!! I think i gonna to try it out!!

Ma Clarice Lao

This video is fun. I have my own share of weird combos too. People might find it weird but I love it (as you mentioned it works)


Oh you are so brave to try those food combinations. The only one I think I could try is oreos and orange juice. The rest would make my stomach churn.

Aliza Sara

Thats something new. Not too sure if i have the guts to try that out at home :B

Sunshine Kelly

That’s cool, i give it a try too. I think chocolate go well with orange too.

Man Says

Very interesting topic, I enjoy reading it. Thanks for the useful information.

Shivani Balraj (@shivanibalraj)

Cute video with those combos! And orange and chocolate together? It doesn’t sounds so bad lol.

shopannies (@shopannies)

oh my goodness there are lots of weird food combinations I do not believe that I would try many but some of my kids would love them all
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