Youtuber and Positive Role Model: Jay Guo

Youtuber and Positive Role Model: Jay Guo

About 2 years from today, I randomly came across Jay on Youtube while watching other youtubers online. After watching one of his inspirational videos, I instantly became hooked on his channel because of the great advice that he gave in the video.  His videos are not only inspiring to others, but also motivational for those who may lack confidence or may be going through other issues in their life.  Over the years, I have watched Jay grow as a youtuber  and become the amazing person that he is today. With such a humble and down to earth personality, and a great sense of humor he is greatly adored by his fans.  So for more info on this amazing youtuber,  you can find him on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr. Definitely go support him because you will not be disappointed with his content!

Jay’s Channel 



1.) Where are you from?

 New Jersey


2.) What inspired or motivated you to start your Youtube channel? 

When I first started youtube I didn’t really have any direction of where i wanted to take my channel. Even though I am a huge sneakerhead, I knew for sure that I wanted to make other people more aware of the sneaker culture.  Besides talking about sneakers, I also began to watch other youtubers like Timothy DeLaGhetto and Swoozie. By watching them they inspired me to do more videos that not only showcased my talents, but would also be a way for me to help out other people in a positive way.


3.) Who is the most important person in your life and why? 

I would have to say my grandmother.  She is the person who raised me, and loves me unconditionally. I would not be who I am today without her love and support.  She keeps me grounded which is why i just want to make her proud of me.


4.) If youtube did not exist, what else would you be doing with your life? 

Hmm well I i know i wouldn’t want a  9-5 job. Probably have a job where i could be my own boss or more so on the creative side like fashion, graphic design, computer programming, and etc.


5.) Do people ever recognize you from YouTube? And if so have you ever had a weird or crazy fan experience?

I have to say that i have not had a crazy fan experience so far, but people do recognize me from time to time. For the most part when people do spot me on the street, they rarely come up to me because they are too shy to say “hi”.  Like one time I was was in New York City and this girl spotted me. Instead of coming up to me,  she just stared at me like she had seen a ghost.  Yet surprisingly later on that day while I was Tumblr i noticed she had sent me a direct message.  So yeah things happen lol. Besides getting spotted on the street, people also mistake me for actor Steven Yeun who is best known for portraying Glenn Rhee on the popular tv show “The Walking Dead”.  I don’t know maybe its just a celebrity thing lol. 


6.) What are some goals or aspirations you have for yourself?

One main goal of mine is to get to 50,000 subscribers on youtube or make 100 videos by the end of the year. All and all i just want to make it big on Youtube.


7.) What is one thing that your fans or other people may not know about you? 

I got arrested and stayed in jail for a night or day.  As mind boggling as is for some people to understand, It was just one of those crazy and dark moments in my life.


8.) If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be?

I would have to say the beautiful Salt Flats in Bolivia. The view is breathtaking and i would love to take my future girlfriend/wife there one day. I describe it as the place between heaven and earth.


9.) What is your favorite food  of all time? 

Vietnamese food or Thai food.  For Example:  Pho and Patai


10.) Do you have a motto or quote that you live by? And where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Some of my quotes that i live by include “There is always a rainbow after the storm”, and “There is no success without struggle.”  In the next five years i see myself doing youtube fulltime, traveling the world, doing meet and greets, make a living off of youtube, getting sponsorships, and seeing the world!



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Thank you for introducing me to Jay. I am watching some of his videos now.

UB Rey

it’s nice to have a good role model and videos to watch on your spare time. Thanks for featuring and sharing positivity!

nicole steinthal

Amazing post…I really need to check him out..I really need some inspiration right now!!!!!!!! Thanks for introducing us to Jay!!!!!


Def going to have check this guy out! I love his set-up because it’s not outrageous! I always envision Youtubers with over the top equipment and I guess its just not so

Samantha Lee

I love interview series like these! I’m also looking to invest in a new camera this year, so thanks for sharing the review! 🙂

Claire Bear

Thank you for interviewing him! I haven’t saw him on YouTube yet, but I will definitely check out his profile! 🙂