Hi There

Hi you guys! My name is Brooke and i am a freelance writer, blogger, youtuber, and entrepreneur from Philly! In the past few months I have been blessed with the oppurtunity to do some freelance work for different magazines mainly in New York, Philadelphia, LA, and even Canada.  On my blog i talk about a variety of topics that cover lifestyle, beauty, travel, and anything else i find interesting. So definitely feel free to browse through my blog and I hope you guys enjoy everything that you see.  Have a nice day everyone!                                           

Me and Carla Hall

138 thoughts on “Hi There”

  1. Hey Brooke! Thanks for checking out my blog earlier! I’ve been poking around your site, and it is super cool! You have such a great voice and I feel like you’re someone that I know personally (not in a creepy way but in a I could know someone like you in real life type of way!) I can’t wait to read more from you! Keep up the amazing work!

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    1. hey! oh wow it definitely means a lot to me that you said that and i am so glad that you find me so relatable. I will definitely keep up the good work and thanks again for your kind words. By the way definitely check me out on youtube too!

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    1. It’s no problem. Hmm I would say take a look at other bloggers and see what they are writing about for some inspiration. Also if you see something that another blog did that you like, then definitely try to put your own twist on it to make it your own. Most of all i would say just have fun with it and always be yourself. Never write about something that doesn’t inspire or interest you. I hope this helped you out somewhat and thanks again for asking this question. Definitely check me out on youtube too because I do advice videos from time to time

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  2. Beautiful site, Brooke. Thanks again for visiting my blog. It’s about 2 days old or something so it’s exciting to know that somehow it’s getting out into that vast internet void. I shall visit again

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  3. Hi, Brooke – it’s Marion from Artymalia. Thanks so much for reading my blog; it felt special to have someone creative respond to me from so far away. Keep loving words: they’re worth it! xxx

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